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Hydration Stations

Project Lead:

Bri Goold

Team Members:

Brianna Jarrett

Erica Mohr

Emily Reilly



September to December 2018


The hydration station will be able to be reserved on the RIT Event Management System starting spring 2019. The hydration stations will be stored and maintained by the RIT Sustainability Department, set up by RIT Facilities Management Services, and used by the RIT community and guests.


From Left: Erica, Emily, Brianna, and Bri

Special Thanks:

Enid Cardinal (RIT Sustainability)
Harshita Sood (RIT Sustainability)
Bob DeSanctis (RIT Facilities Management)
Judy Foster (RIT Environmental, Health, & Safety)
Stacey Clements (RIT Safety & Compliance)


Despite RIT having a policy that university funds may not be used to purchase single serving bottles of water, there are many exceptions to this rule including the sale of bottled water at sporting events and to-go catering orders.

Three mobile water fill stations are intended to be constructed in fall of 2018. The project team intends to first construct one mobile water fill station within one third of the allocated budget. Issues with the station will be identified and alleviated before the design and construction of the final two water fill stations. The project team is expected to identify a designated storage area for the water fill stations equipped with setup and maintenance instructions.

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