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Taproot Collective Build Day

Project Lead:

Carson McNatt

Team Members:

Ben Ocamb

Mitch Campbell

Keira Higgins

Morgan Mistysyn

Chris Kratzer



September 2018 to April 2019


The system is holding water, and is expected to save Taproot over $1000 in water utility charges every year.

Special Thanks:

Taproot Collective

Lauren Caruso

ESW HQ (especially Zoe Bottcher and Sohn Cook)

Noblehurst Farms

Home Depot

Stanley Black & Decker

Zone Leaders:

Ben Ocamb

Victor Braescu

Bri Goold

Lainey Celeste

Julia Provenzano


Taproot collective is a non-profit organization working to educate Rochester citizens about growing their own food, as well as to provide healthy, sustainable produce to the city of Rochester. First Market Farm is their test site, where they are implementing ideas that they may wish to use in other sites. Taproot Collective needs a sustainable, cost-effective way of irrigating their garden plots at First Market Farm. Currently, they hand water using city water, which is labor-intensive and expensive. A rainwater collection system is one of the systems they want to test. To meet this need, we designed a system that would direct water from the roofs of the house and greenhouse on the property to large storage tanks. Pipes connected to these tanks will take water to the garden. This project is under ESW HQ's Build Day program, where teams design projects to be built in one day.

On April 14 2019, 42 volunteers from RIT and the greater Rochester community came together to build the irrigation system from the ground up. More photos from Build Day can be found here.

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