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Peace Village Solar Installation

Project Lead:

Lainey Celeste

Team Members:

Sebastien Selarque
Carson McNatt
Katie Harding
Ben Pluemer
Julia Provenzano
Liliana Benzer
Elijah Powell (spring)
Jared Peters (spring)
Damon May  (spring)
Jacob Sarver-Verhey (fall)
Matt Chmiel (fall)
Alex Purington (fall)
Hannah Weppner (fall)


September 2018 to April 2019




From Left: Sebastien, Julia, Jared, Elijah, Katie, Lily, Lainey, and Ben


Special Thanks:

St. Joe's House of Hospitality

Rochester City Board for Peace Village

Peace Village Inc.

Homes for the Homeless


Home Depot

RIT Grounds

Marty Schooping

From Left: Lainey, Matt, Sebastien, Jake, Hannah, Carson, Julia, Alex, Lily, Ben, and Katie


Peace Village is an encampment for the homeless in the downtown Rochester community, for those that wish to live outdoors, on their own terms, rather than in a shelter. Currently, there is no power source to enable community members to charge their phones while inside the encampment, so this installation will provide that service. Last semester our design was to use a pole-mounted solar panel that was laid in the ground with concrete. After discussing it with our stakeholders, it was determined that a more enclosed and non-permanent structure would best serve the community, so our scope of work changed to accommodate this change in design - while still utilizing the same research, theoretical model, and electrical configuration in this semester's new design. Our design is a removable system that converts solar radiation into DC and AC power to charge phones and small electronics via 6 USB ports and 1 three-pronged outlet that can all be used year-round. The solar panel will be attached to an array frame made of welded aluminum, while the electrical components and charging station are located inside a communal tent within the encampment.

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