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SolaRIT Renovation

Project Leads:

Michael Abraham

Lauren Kepenis
Andrew Fisher

Team Members:

Manny Okafor

Gordon Upshaw
Gi-yeon Han
Andrew DeVries
James Sinka
Cameron Taylor
Colin Mellett
Albert Rivas
Clayton Terry
Liliana Benzer
Alex Brown
Kyle Donahue
Sophie Hopps-Weber
Tianche Zhou
Caleb Wheelock
William Dzialak
Jonathan Amerault
Jessica Cashman


September 2016 to May 2017


See Project "SolaRIT Renovation II"




Special Thanks:

Mechanical Engineering Machine Lab
Brinkman Lab



The SolaRIT is a solar-powered cart that can be used by various clubs, sororities, and fraternities to aid them with their on-campus promotions or sales. The SolaRIT comes equipped with solar panels, batteries, monitor, speakers, and lights. The overall goal of the cart is to be available for people or groups at RIT to rent out. Not only will this help clubs on campus, but it is environmentally friendly. It is 100% powered by the solar panels on the roof of the cart, which charge the batteries allowing the cart to be powered for the duration of the time required.

    As of right now the cart needs some work. We have our SolaRIT team covering 5 tasks to be completed by the end of this semester.


  1. Wheels - replace the existing wheels with more durable ones, which are able to support the weight of the cart.


    Height adjustment - construct a system where the height of the cart is adjustable, so it can be easily moved in an out of buildings.


    Battery storage - create a new storage unit for the batteries so they are removable.


    Exterior design - incorporate our Engineering for a Sustainable World logo and club name on the cart.

  5. Door adjustment - Fix the doors of the cart so they shut completely.

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