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Savonius Wind Turbine

Project Leads:

​Keira Higgins
Gabriel Kramer (Spring)
​Angela Gallo (Fall)

Team Members:

Jake Barker
Arden Bonzo
​Olivia Breglia
Lainey Celeste
Sarah Collmus
Bri Goold
Austin Hayes
Anna Jacobson
​Jai Mehra
Julia Provenzano
Sara Zuwiyya


August 2015 to May 2016


The wind turbine was destroyed by a wind storm in summer 2018. 



Special Thanks:

Shop in Gleason, Jan, Labbies, and other people in the shop who helped us find tools, etc.
Shop in Slaughter and Labbies
Everyone who asked questions and wanted to learn more!
ESW and RIT Club Organization for funding and resources
Dan for helping us learn Solidworks!
MECE Staff for resources, software, and advice
And of course our dedicated members!


From Left: Gabe, Austin, Lainey, Anna, Julia, Sarah, and Keira



Based on this DIY design, we used a 55 gallon drum to construct a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT)  to display at Imagine RIT. Our project places a heavy emphasis on community education. The goal is to quantitatively show wind power as a feasible option for RIT. Eventually, we would like to see RIT conduct an official cost-benefit analysis and work towards installing multiple functioning wind turbines on campus.

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