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Club Resources

ESW Slack

ESW-HQ manages a Slack forum that allows ESW members around the world to share information and learn from each other's experiences. You can create a channel for your project by opening a new Direct Message and inviting everyone on your team. Or, if you prefer, feel free to post to the ESW-RIT channel, #chap_rit. 

Request an ASL Interpreter

If you or someone in your project team communicates more effectively through sign language, you can request a sign language interpreter through NTID via the link above. 

ESW Spaces

ESW has a number of club-managed spaces on campus, if you need extra room for work or storage.  

Campus Maps

Want to know more about campus? We've got you covered.


Imagine RIT

Imagine RIT is a campus-wide science fair that happens at the end of every spring semester. ESW always has a main booth set up, and we encourage project leads to sign up for additional booths nearby if they have a lot to present. Proposals are usually due around six weeks before the fair. 


Room Reservations

If you need a regular meeting place, you might want to consider reserving a room. Members of E-Board typically have significantly more access to room reservations, so please contact us if you want to use a space that isn't on the list.

Floor Plans

A link to floor maps of every building at RIT. It is most helpful for reserving rooms, but it is also a great resource just to better understand where everything is. Some buildings on campus are not exactly intuitive!


The Construct

The Construct is a makerspace on the fourth floor of Institute Hall. They have a ton of equipment available to RIT students, including a laser cutter and a room full of 3D printers. 

KGCOE Lab Spaces

So long as your project has at least one engineer on it, you have access to nearly every lab in the Engineering buildings. They can be a great resource for R&D. Most engineering students also have access to free printing in the computer labs on the first, second, and third floors of Gleason. 

Wallace Library

The Wallace Library is one of the best resources available to all RIT students. It has ample tables, chairs, and wall outlets - perfect for collaborating on group projects.

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