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Red Barn Energy Efficiency Audit

Project Lead:

Justin Bartz

Team Members:

Sarah Collmus
Sarah Goldsmith
​Nicole Kung

Sebastien Selarque



September to December 2014


Changes were not implemented.


Physical poster (stored in shed)

Special Thanks:

Dr. Robert Stevens

RIT Facilities Management

RIT Interactive Adventures


Our campus rock climbing center is located in a refurbished barn. However, because there is no insulation, it gets very cold in the winter. Using DAQ temperature readers, temperature data of the barn was recorded. The team then estimated the costs and savings of insulating the barn. They presented their findings at the NYSP2I Competition in April at RPI, and to Student Government later that year. Currently, nothing has been implemented. However, there is a student petition with more than 200 signatures to get the barn heated. 

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