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Project Funding

Using ESW Funds:      

Step 1

You may request funds from E-Board if you are an active member of ESW-RIT. Please present the requested purchases as an itemized list to the current Vice President of ESW-RIT. If the list is approved by the VP, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

The VP will hand you an Expense Approval Form (EAF). Fill out the EAF from "Company/Individual you will be paying" to "Total $" to the best of your ability. See this example of a completed funding EAF. 

Step 3

Present the EAF to the current Treasurer of ESW-RIT. The Treasurer will complete the remaining sections, and request a signature from the club Adviser. 

Step 4

The Treasurer will drop off the EAF and pick up the Visa and the Tax Exemption paper at the Club Office as soon as they are able to (Club Office hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM). You must arrange a time and place to meet the Treasurer to receive the Visa and Tax Exemption paper.

Step 5

You will have the rest of the day to make all requested purchases (and only the requested purchases) using the Visa. Make sure to ask for tax exemption and collect a receipt from every purchase. For online orders, a screenshot of the purchase confirmation counts as a receipt. Email that screenshot to the Club Office (, and CC the Treasurer of ESW-RIT.

Step 6

Return the Visa and your receipts to the Treasurer of ESW-RIT before 11:00 AM the following morning*. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. The Visa must be in the Club Office before 11:00 AM. If ESW fails to do this twice, our club will be put on financial hold and we will not be able to access any of our funds. If this happens because of you, your membership may be revoked. Just make sure everything gets where it needs to go!

*If the Visa is signed out on a Friday, it must be returned to the Club Office on Monday morning instead.

Step 7

If for any reason a purchase was made without tax exemption, place the cost of the tax (8% in Monroe County) into an envelope marked "ESW Tax Refund" and place the envelope in the Tax Refund Box in the Club Office.


Step 1

Complete Steps 1 to 3 above. Please note that ESW has no binding obligation to grant reimbursements if the purchase was made without prior approval. See this example of a completed reimbursement EAF. If the reimbursement is approved, proceed to Step 2 below.

Step 2

Fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization Form and present it to the current Treasurer of ESW-RIT, along with all original receipts and a screenshot of your bank statement that proves the transaction history. 

Step 3

Complete Step 7 above. The reimbursement will be processed by RIT within about two weeks. 

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