Open-Source Ecology

Project Lead:

Kevin Gebo & Justin Bartz

Team Members:

Brendan Ryan
Alyssa Recinella
Courtney Smith
Joe Baldwin
Pieter Werner

Connor Maynes
John Wilson
David "DJ" Pawlush
James Reynolds
Josh Beaulieu
Kevin Mulholland
Nick Russo



February to May 2014



Special Thanks:

Dr. Kate Leipold


According to Open Source Ecology, 50 industrial machines are necessary for building a small, sustainable civilization. Of those 50, 13 have been prototyped as of spring 2014. We designed a biomass pelletizer in Solidworks, which is one of the 37 machines remaining. A biomass pelletizer is a machine that converts biological material into pellets that can be burned efficiently to produce usable power.

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