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Flower City Pickers Solar Dehydrator

Project Lead:

Renee Banagan

Team Members:

Steven Walker

Morgan Mistysyn

Willow Shendge

Josh Owens


September to December 2018






Special Thanks:

Flower City Pickers

Khoury Humphrey

Evan Zachary

From Left: Renee, Willow, Morgan, and Steven



Flower City Pickers (FCP) is a nonprofit that uses the food recovery heirarchy as a template for recovering perishable food at the Rochester Public Market. FCP frequently receives a high quantity of food that is low mix. Shelters and partners that they donate to often can't accept all of the "A" grade food because they want a high mix at lower quantities. Edible food is often composted and may even end up in the landfill.

The project team will build a solar dehydrator made of mainly recovered materials that will preserve excess food donated to FCP. The dehydrator will be capable of drying approximately five pounds of food in two days and is expected to operate in most seasons. The dehydrator is expected to be completed and debuted fall of 2018.

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