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Flower City Pickers Solar Collector

Project Lead:

Sarah Nick

Team Members:

Andrew Fisher

Bri Goold

Chris Kratzer

Evan Zachary


May to July 2018


All materials were stored in the ESW shed. See "FCP Solar Dehydrator" project.


From Left: Sarah, Evan, and Bri



Special Thanks:

Flower City Pickers



Flower City Pickers (FCP) is a nonprofit organization based in Rochester that collects unsold produce at the public market and distributes it to shelters around the city. FCP contacted us to build a dehydrator so that extra food could be preserved instead of going to waste.


We focused on the solar collector subsystem over the summer. We used what materials we had available (157 feet of black plastic tubing that was lying in the woods at RIT) to construct the collector.

We also attempted to build a Stirling engine to power an air pump, but that aspect of the project was not successful.

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