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Events Calendar

A calendar with every event ESW-RIT has planned for this semester.

Upcoming Events:                          

Powerlands Viewing (March)

Watching a documentary about how chemical companies have displaced indigenous people and harmed the environment. 


Sustainable Networking (March)

The day before the career fair. Bring a résumé and network with sustainability focused companies. 

Annual Events:                                

Beach Sweep (September)

A day-long event where we coordinate with SEAL and other sustainability clubs to remove litter from a local beach.

Winter Banquet (December)

A small sustainability-focused science fair, followed by dinner and a series of respected speakers who present on various aspects of the banquet's theme.

ESW Conference (April)

A conference hosted by ESW-HQ at a different university every other year. The Annual Conference is by far the largest ESW event there is, and it is (by all accounts) an excellent way to spend a weekend.

Imagine RIT (May)

A campus-wide science fair that happens at the end of spring semester. ESW-RIT always participates in some way.

Past Events:                                

RIT BioBlitz

A weekend-long exploration of biodiversity across the RIT campus. Events include nature walks, lectures, and practical demonstrations.

Lamberton Conservatory
(Spring 2023)

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