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ESW-Run Spaces at RIT

ESW Greenhouse

A roughly car-sized greenhouse in the Community Garden. Members are welcome to use this space to grow food, run agricultural experiments, store some equipment, or just hang out!

Club Locker #22

A locker in the basement of the SAU. The club locker is used to store small tools and supplies that we expect to use frequently. The locker is kept locked, but all e-board members have access to the combination.

Storage Shed #25

A large storage shed on the outskirts of campus. Generally, the shed is for anything that doesn't fit in the ESW locker. The shed is kept locked. Please contact us if you'd like to use this space. 

ESW Display Case

A wall-mounted display case on the first floor of Gleason.

ESW Tunnel Mural

A mural in the tunnels under Dorms, completed in 2013.

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