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Energy Storage

Project Lead:

Chris Kratzer

Team Members:

Nick Noble
Ben Wilson
Liliana Benzer
Ryan Mazur

Gillian Valenti

Jake Young


September to December 2015


See project Energy Storage II




Special Thanks:

Dr. Tim Landschoot


From left: Chris, Lily, Nick, Gillian and Jake


We explored the potential and limitations of various mechanical energy storage systems, with an ultimate goal to communicate our findings with our peers and the general community. We presented our findings at the end of fall semester. Each member of the team concentrated on one or two energy storage methods. Cumulatively, we researched gravitational, rotational, elastic, electrical, chemical, magnetic, and pressure systems. Our research suggests that chemical batteries are currently the most efficient way to store energy.

Originally the Energy Storage team planned to work with the Turbine team, but we quickly discovered that mechanical storage would not be sufficient to support the energy output of a wind turbine. 

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