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Project Title

Project Lead(s):

Anthony Dilorenzo

Team Members:

Erica Mohr

Sophia Zwolinsky

Logan O'Rourke

Willow Collopy

Sam Hebbar


Fall 2019


Project was completed in Fall 2019




Sustainable Development Goal 8 Tackled by the Project

Special Thanks:

Johanne White

Brian White


Wicked Smaht Cookies, Inc. was looking to open a food truck selling homemade cookies, with the overall goal of employing young people who struggle to find work, and teach them proper work skills and resume building in an effort to combat the issues of social inequality. In order for this to become a reality, a school bus was being retrofitted into a food truck - with a functional kitchen, electricity, and water system. Wicked Smaht Cookies, Inc. asked ESW to research best practices for retrofitting this bus as sustainably as possible, give their budget and list of equipment needed. Additionally, once the equipment has been purchased, the equipment was also installed. 

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