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Haiti Arborloo

Project Lead(s):

John DeLucia and Apsara Som 

Team Members:



Fall 2019


Potential Spring Project for Spring 2021




Special Thanks:



Rural Haiti has been facing a sanitation and waste management issue. With no plumbing or running water, permanent outhouses are being built as bathroom facilities - however, it is difficult to relocate the waste, the latrines are at risk of destruction from natural disasters, and most importantly they are expensive to fabricate, resulting in half-assembled facilities that are useless to the population. The project focused on researching and designing an inexpensive, sustainable, and removable latrine, fabricated with materials found easily within Haiti, and to be built by the people in Haiti. The design includes the ability to remove the arborloo once the trench is full, and plant a tree in its place. The end goal is to pass the design off to a larger organization to construct on a large scale in rural Haiti.

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