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Hawaii Rainwater Catchment

Project Lead(s):
Sebastian Selarque

Team Members:

Sarah Nick
Eli Cone
Katherine Page
Ikumi Utashiro

Spring 2021

Kaneohe, HI


Hawaii Rainwater.jpg
Hawaii Rainwater 2.jpg

Special Thanks:
Hui O Ko'olaupoko
ESW @ University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Description:Hui O Ko’olaupoko is a non-profit conservation organization operating in Kaneohe, HI. Rainfall is heavy in the winter months (X - X) and light the rest of the year, so the organization has asked for a design to build a rainwater catchment system that they can use to water their community garden in the dry season. The
system should have a footprint of up to 10 sqft, hold up to 200 gal. of water, and not be a permanent structure, but should be durable for many years. In the future, the system may include a drip irrigation system.

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