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STEM Garden

Project Leads:

Ann Byerley and Jakob Pigott

Team Members:

Katherine Page

Magree Wang

Argaret Arocho

Shannon McCarthy



Fall 2019





Special Thanks:

Marne Parmelee and the STEM Garden

ESW STEM Garden Group.jpg

From Left: Katherine, Margaret, Shannon, Ann, Jakob


The STEM Garden project group worked to renovate a STEM Garden Pre- Kindergarten school in Penfield, New York. At the STEM Garden, daycare children are able to learn about STEM topics at a young age by interacting with nature and playing outdoors.  In order to play outdoors, the playground areas must be drainable and functional, and this project enabled that. Rainwater collection barrels were designed to collect gutter runoff to be used to water the garden. Logs were placed surrounding a mud region to contain the mud and provide logs for the children to balance and play on.  Giving children an area to engage in hands-on learning for a longer portion of the year which alines with the ESW and STEM Garden mission statements.
“The mission of the Children’s STEM Garden, LLC, is to immerse children in a safe, natural environment, where they can actively explore, imagine, create, and thrive through hands-on learning and child-led play in nature for hours every day.  The natural spaces and small, multi-age groups engage children in problem-solving and cooperative interactions. Embrace your child’s curiosities through real-world, experiential opportunities.” -

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