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Campus Cleanup II

Project Lead:

Peter Stefos

Team Members:

Caitlyn Peck

Jon Brennan

Ryan Tandy

Lucas Davy

Daniel Umansky

Katherine Page

John DeLucia



Fall 2019 to Spring 2020





Campus Cleanup II.JPG

From Left: Katherine, Jon, Lucas, Peter, Caitlyn, Daniel, John

Special Thanks:

RIT Facilities Management Services, especially Dan Fish

RIT Public Safety

Chris Kratzer


With the help of last year's team, we were provided a geographic survey of macroscopic pollution. During last semester, ESW members Chris Kratzer, Olivier Montmayeur, and Logan O’Rourke, worked on removing half of a 1971 Chevrolet Vega from East River Woods on RIT’s campus. Due to all of the wind and rain storms the Rochester area gets, the pathway to the car was wrecked and too much for our team to work with. We decided to shift all of our focus towards a ditch site that is off of a large plot on Jefferson Road. 

We have been able to pull out 400+ pounds of trash out of the ditch in only about 3 1-hour long meetings. With the help of such a great team, we relocated everything that was pulled out about 600 feet from the forest to the curb side of Jefferson Road. Facilities Management Services then took the rest for us and also recycled the metal (in which the funds went to ESW).

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