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SolaRIT Renovation II

Project Lead:

Alex Purington

Team Members:

Alaina Russell

Ben Pluemer

Chris Secular

Jared Peters

Jimmy He

Liliana Benzer

Matt Chmiel

Sierra Dacey



Fall 2019 to Spring 2020


Goal is to have the SolaRIT in functioning condition and available to the RIT community for use at events.



SolaRIT Reno.JPG

From Left: Back Row: _, Jimmy, Liliana, Matt

Front Row: _, Alaina, Jared

Special Thanks:

Kevin Gobo (Intelligent Solar Services)

Julia Rose (electrical consultant)


The SolaRIT was built in 2013 with the intention to "be available for use by clubs, organizations, and academic/administration departments within RIT who want a mobile source of power during outside events, activities, and fundraisers." However, the SolaRIT is underutilized in and outside of ESW-RIT due to issues related to functionality, transportability, and marketing. Although renovations were made in 2017, they were not enough to bring the SolaRIT to its full potential. Reworking the electronics and the wheels combined with a marketing campaign can bring the original dreams of use for the SolaRIT alive.

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