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Campus Cleanup

Project Lead:

Olivier Montmayeur

Chris Kratzer

Team Members:

Logan O'Rourke



September to December 2018


We successfully removed over a hundred pounds of trash and contaminated earth. FMS helped us transport the waste to Metalico, and donated the proceeds from recycling (in excess of $500) back to ESW. Despite our best efforts, we were only able to remove a small fraction of the trash present in the RIT swamp.

This project also continued into the next academic year. See project "Campus Cleanup II" for more information


Special Thanks:

RIT Facilities Management; especially

John Moore, Mike Yonko, and David Armanini

From Left: Olivier and Chris


After completing a geographic survey of macroscopic pollution on the main RIT campus in spring 2018, we decided to focus our efforts on the wood lot at the corner of Jefferson and East River Road. This wood lot was once two residential parcels, and RIT only recently purchased the land. Unfortunately, they also purchased all the junk that came with it. Our goal is to remove all of it.


In September, we cleared a path through the thicket to various trash sites and set up a staging area near the edge of the woods to store and sort removed material. Our main focus throughout this project was a 1971 Chevrolet Vega sedan. 

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