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BSFL House Solar Structure

Project Lead:

Jacob Sarver-Verhey

Team Members:

Alex Purington

Matt Chmiel

Carson McNatt


September to December 2017


The structure was stored in the ESW-RIT shed, to be used later in the "Bug Hut Solar Installation" project


Final Design

Special Thanks:



From Left: Alex, Jake, and Matt


The renewable power team in 2017 designed and built a framework to support two solar panels. The frame was designed in PTC CREO, and scrap steel bars were welded together to from the frame. Additionally, the team designed the electronics required to regulate the solar panels, and provide power to the Bug Hut. The Bug Hut is a research project being conducted by RIT faculty in creating biodiesel by using Black Soldier Fly larvae to digest compostable waste. Unfortunately, the team did not have access to the solar panels until too late in the spring of 2018, requiring that the project be temporarily paused. 

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